May 17th, 2122

Somewhere in space

It’s been a little over a month since we left the ISS. My proposal to go on a mission to study the aliens was approved, and together with a small team, we set out to find some answers about the aliens.

We’re not the only ones looking for answers. There are other teams out there, studying the aliens in different ways. Some are trying to communicate with them, others are trying to find a way to fight them.

But we’re the only ones who are trying to understand them.

We’ve been following a group of aliens for the past few weeks, and we’ve learned a lot about their behavior. They’re not random, like we thought at first. They have a purpose.

And we’re going to find out what that purpose is.

May 18th, 2122

Somewhere in space

We’re getting closer to the aliens. We’ve been following them for weeks, and we’ve finally found their base.

It’s a huge structure, floating in space. It’s definitely artificial.

We’re not sure what to do now. We can’t just go in there and start asking questions. We need to be careful.

We need a plan.

Background & comments

Giving GPT-3 some context from the previous post (a mission to study the aliens) seemed to work out alright this time. The above text (not in bold) came after just a few tries, whereas I had to try more variations in the previous entry.

I am also always pleased when I see dates get incremented correctly, like how it made a new diary entry for May 18th, 2122.