AI Tales is a collection of short pieces of text mostly generated by AI models, with the editing assistance and inputs from a human.

It is a playground of ideas to see what AI can do with the written word. It is AI-assisted writing with emphasis on the AI.

Text layout

Bold text indicates that that part that was written by a human, unless otherwise noted.

For example, if the text is “The sky is a deep blue”, this indicates that a human wrote “The sky is” and the AI continued with “a deep blue”.

The AI models have limited capability of text formatting, but they are pretty good at adding line breaks and paragraphs. These are kept as-is most of the time.

Writing process

In most cases, the process of creating a piece of text is not done in one go – it is an iterative process.

The first step is providing a seed or initial text so the AI can continue writing in the same context. For example, I might write “The sky is” and the AI finishes the sentence with “blue”.

The second step is editing the words slightly, if necessary. The AI might change a character’s name, location or something else, and this requires human intervention to correct for. Grammar, flow and back references might need a bit of editing also.

The third step is to iteratively expand on the generated text. For example, a model like GPT-3 might think it is “done” after coming up with “blue” in “The sky is blue”, but we can try and force it to continue writing text.

Post descriptions

In some of the posts, I will add a horizontal bar and a new header called “background” or “comments” after the main text. This is not written by AI but are my notes on the specific post.

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