March 16, 2122

The Intergalactic Space Station

Dear Diary,

The days are a blur on the station. I’ve been keeping busy with my research, but can’t stop thinking about how we weren’t able to save that planet from the aliens.

We need to understand them better. What do they want? Why are they attacking?

I’ve been going over the data we have, but it’s just not enough. I wish we could get closer to them, study them in their natural habitat.

But that’s dangerous. They’ve already shown that they’re willing to attack without provocation. Who knows what they would do if we got too close?

Still, it’s worth the risk. I’m going to propose a mission to get closer to the aliens. I have to find out what they’re up to.

Background & comments

I’m beginning to run into what seems to be limitations of GPT-3. I first tried to use all the text from the previous posts in the ISS Diary series, but I kept getting unsatisfying and repetitive results from GPT-3, even after increasing the randomness.

For this post, I had to write quite a lot of text before I started to see slightly more interesting results. As you can see, almost half of the writing is bold, i.e. written by me.

At least the stage has now been set for going to an alien world and exploring them in their “natural habitat” :-)