Xyalala is an exoplanet located within the far reaches of the Gliese 581 system, approximately 20.3 light-years away from Earth. Its unique atmosphere and diverse ecosystem have captured the attention of scientists and space enthusiasts alike. Xyalala’s surface is a mesmerizing mosaic of pastel-colored landscapes, characterized by lush forests, sprawling deserts, and vast oceans with swirling currents and tides that ebb and flow with an almost hypnotic rhythm.

The planet’s atmosphere is composed of a delicate balance of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, providing a breathable environment for a wide array of alien life forms. From the towering arboreal behemoths known as Vrenn trees, to the glowing Zithara birds that fill the night sky with a dazzling display of bioluminescence, Xyalala is teeming with life.

Xyalala’s inhabitants, known as the Zylothians, are sentient beings with a unique culture, language, and social structure. These creatures are humanoid in appearance, with elongated limbs and expressive faces adorned with intricate markings. Their bodies are covered in a soft, iridescent fur that shifts and changes color depending on their emotional state. The Zylothians are a peaceful race.

Glowing, bioluminescence Zithara bird in a forest

Thank you. Now write a diary entry for a human visiting Xyalala

Dear Diary,

August 12, 2142

Today marks my first full day on Xyalala, the exoplanet I’ve been dreaming of visiting for years. I can hardly believe I’m here, standing on this breathtakingly beautiful world, surrounded by such vibrant colors and exotic life forms. As our research team touched down in the early morning, I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of excitement, awe, and humility.

The air here is something truly unique – it’s crisp and refreshing with an almost sweet scent, a result of the Vrenn trees releasing their pheromones. The gentle breeze rustling through the treetops has a calming, soothing effect. I find myself taking deep breaths just to savor the sensation.

As we ventured further, we encountered a flock of Zithara birds, their bioluminescent feathers illuminating the dimly lit forest with a soft, ethereal glow. I watched in amazement as they took flight in unison, their synchronized dance painting the sky with a symphony of light.

We were fortunate enough to have a peaceful encounter with a group of Zylothians today. They approached us cautiously, their fur shifting between hues of blue and green, signifying curiosity and friendliness


I’m writing this in March 2023. It’s been almost exactly a year since I posted a GPT-NEO version of a description of the Xyalala system, so I thought it would be appropriate to see what the newly released GPT-4 would come up with only a year later.

With ChatGPT taking the world by storm in recent months, I probably shouldn’t be surprised at the quality of GPT-4, but honestly, it’s truly mindblowing that it comes up with an entire new setting and creatures on its first try.