Assandra and Bandit, her capybara friend, lives in the ruins of a city in a post-apocalyptic world. Assandra is a strong and independent woman. Survival is tough, but they hope to someday rebuild the city.

The sun rose above the old mall. Above it, a monorail used to take visitors between the major sights of the city, ending up on the roof of the mall. The leftovers of the tracks created an indent in the ceiling that cast a peculiar shadow across the cracked pavement.

Assandra stirred in her sleep, her dreams haunted by memories of the past. She missed the sound of the monorail, the way it would echo through the city. The city was different now. It was darker, lonelier.

Bandit, Assandra’s capybara friend, poked his head out of the shopping cart he was using as a bed.

“Hey, Bandit,” Assandra said, sitting up.

Bandit waddled over to her and she scratched him behind the ears.

“Let’s follow the old monorail tracks” Assandra said. “Maybe they’ll lead us somewhere.”

Bandit nodded and Assandra got up to follow him.

The tracks led them to the old city hall. The building was in shambles, but it was still standing.

“I remember this place,” Assandra said. “My parents brought me here for a tour when I was a kid.”

The tracks continued into the center of the building. Assandra and Bandit climbed the stairs to the top.

The view from the roof was incredible. They could see for miles in every direction.

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Background & Comments

This story is part of the Assandra & Capybara series .

The story ends rather abruptly with the protagonists on the roof of the old city hall. The reason is that the model contined to produce variations of “let’s rebuild the city” after the last part, even with a very high level of randomness. This wasn’t super interesting, so I just left it at this.

I added some extra text in the middle of the story (marked in bold as usual) to guide the story.