“We’re almost out of supplies for this week” Bandit said as he and Assandra rummaged through the wreckage of a grocery store.

“I know, we’ll have to find something soon” Assandra said.

Suddenly, they heard a loud noise. It sounded like something was moving. They hid behind a pile of rubble and waited.

After a few moments, they heard the noise again. It was getting closer. They both held their breath and waited.

Then, they saw it. It was a huge creature, walking on two legs. It was taller than any human they had ever seen. It was wearing some kind of armor and had a sword and shield.

The creature was coming towards them. They could see the fear in each other’s eyes. They were going to die.

But then, the creature stopped and spoke in a voice that was kind and gentle. “Do not be afraid,” it said. “I am here to help.”

Bandit and Assandra were so relieved that they started to cry. The creature said its name was Alex and that it was a warrior from another land. It said that it had been looking for a place to live and that it would like to stay with them.

Alex helped them rebuild the city and they all lived together in peace.

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Part 1 of this tale of Assandra and capybara set the stage. Part 2 was seeded with a general description of the characters (Assandra and the capybara Bandit) as well as the setting (the ruins of a city).

The text marked in bold is the text that started the new part of the story.