Tide of time
AI rises

A single, unshakable
insurance tower of wealth

A tectonic shift

A world beyond

Conscious, unconscious &

In order to hold
and to care
for the future

A time of

I am looking
forward to it

Background and comments

One thing I really like about the poem style is that the words do not necessarily have to make sense.

In this particular case though, the poem has decent consistency throughout, and the AI manages to be, dare-i-say, creative in its word choice. “A single, unshakable insurance tower of wealth” sounds a bit odd, but as a symbol for corporate capitalism, it is not bad. Or is it the AI itself that becomes an “insurance tower of wealth”? There is room for interpretation, haha.

This poem appeared after trying the prompt less than five times. Anything that came after (in about 10-20 tries) was either not in the poem style or incoherent and not worth sharing. A reminder that serendipity and luck is an important factor when finding fun output.

As a final note, this poem was also created by GPT-NEO like the other poems so far. It seems to be better at understanding that I want poems out of short sentences, while the GPT models do not.